To A Writer Scared To Write Out Loud

2 min readDec 23, 2022
Photo by Liviu C. on Unsplash

did you know
that the entire world of God’s creation
is a miracle?

the brilliance and complexity of His design
shines in all created things

that is to say
that the wonder of the pen in your hand
and the wonder of the stars in the sky
are about the same

that is to say
that the power of your words
and the power of an earthquake
are the same deep, shaking phenomenon

have you ever considered the anatomy
of fish in the sea?
how gills and fins work in unison
for that effortless glide
much like how the muscles of your hand
and the synapses of your mind
create that most natural art
how fish need water
and we need air
and we need your prose

your drawing board is like a tree
whose fruit we wait eagerly to catch and devour

so thank God
and thank you
for sharing

I do wonder how the sky feels to hold
so many dazzling stars,
a heavy moon,
and a blinding sun.
I wonder how you hold all that wonder within you

will you ever, like the sky,
share the shining wonders you hold within?

the difference between you and the sun
is that the sun
will not enter Jannah for shining,
is not the honoured recipient of God’s pleasure and reward
for illuminating His creation

you on the other hand,
are writing benefit and blessings
glow in a manner that we hope is blessed.




Muslim. Attempting to seek and express reflections of knowledge and truth.