Oh, Those Brainwashed Believers.

3 min readMar 23, 2020


Controversial. An explanation is owed.

you, who have never thought out loud
you, who have never given thought to a life beyond your skin and bones
and you expect me to be ashamed in front of you?
when my aspirations do not fall below the seven heavens
and my eyes, locked on the great green earth, are also on the prize
where my me belongs to me
and my soul is mine, thoughtfully and carefully handed to the One I can trust the most
and I am aware that I am a tenant
so I briefly admire the setup
then get to work and work on paying my rent
the easy breeze of life
its ups, downs, heartbreaks and unfairness and love and mystery and magic and wonder
part of the show in which I am a merry spectator
rowing my boat, paddling my way Home
so do forgive me if I miss a word or two when you speak
I just have some business to attend to, a couple of things on my mind

This, if you have not sensed it, is a sneering response to an atheist's mockery and shaming of a religious person’s beliefs and their choice to practice them. It is another piece of flash-writing pulled straight from the notes app. This is not a response to the rightful indignation people of any religion feel at hateful incidents that take place in the name of religion, but a reply to the baseless religious intolerance that exists among some young people that I have come across. This is distaste and an upturned nose at religion simply because it is unfashionable when seen in anything more than a piece of jewellery or catchy lyric. This is the public perception of people who practice as illogical, delusional, brainwashed and backwards, not because of any observation, rational analysis or reading, simply because it’s not the mainstream, and it’s the trendy way to think, on average.

Now it’s time for a (mildly edited) excerpt from the same blest notes app. It was reactionary, anger-fueled after a particular experience. It is not a well-thought-out, balanced debate. It’s teenage girl emotion from almost a year ago. It is still a small mood, despite the irony of it making me sound even more irrational and dogmatic.

My generation is not equipped with the rhetoric of atheists and agnostics gone by, they have never even encountered or experienced faith, it is simply a total disregard for anything their parents would have ever associated with in a desperate attempt to seem modern and woke.
Yes, y’all have Catholic Church and its wack-ass history, but don’t even pretend that your emotions are fueled by moral objection, because you know [darn] well that there are thousands of other religions in the world that you could subscribe to, but you treat every other one as a more exotic breed of fairy-tale.
I can’t stand for the infantilization of believers anymore — not now, not ever.
We seriously have people subscribing to Gaia and late-capitalist mindfulness services, but we’re the idiots for indulging in one of the most intrinsic parts of the human condition?
Sure, Jan.




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