Memory Foam Mattress

Moments before sleep are rarely empty.

Photo by Nico Frey on Unsplash

What does a mattress remember?
Besides the shape of a temporary dreaming corpse,

Does it soak up the pain of a tired body laid in it?
Does it harbour the weight of a broken mind’s thoughts?

Does it absorb the tears shed on its base
Remembering the vigils endured thereon?

Are the smiles collected?
Home to the peace of muscles relaxing
After a good and beautiful day
When the last thought before sleep
Is love, through and through?

Carry her, mattress
To the land of dreams
To the land of thick, deep sleep.

Do not forget the parts of her she has left in you.



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A young woman attempting to seek and express reflections of knowledge and truth, trying to find meaning in everything under the sun.