In Spite of Everything, Allah.

2 min readJan 22, 2022
image credit: vvsima

That lump in your throat
The pain in your temple
The knot in your chest
These are the origins of tears


They build up over time
Or plant themselves in the blink of an eye
Either way
One day
You find
The weight of the world
Balanced precariously on your shoulders


This is tipping point
Where you are
One deep breath
One word of adhkar
One pinch of the bridge of your nose
Away from falling apart.

If your tears
Refuse to be shed
In the presence of others

Take them to your pillow
Take them to the night sky
Take them on a walk in the rain
Where the tears and raindrops will blend, indistinguishable

Dedicate these tears to Allah
The One who hears the sound of your heart breaking
Who sees the pain that no one else could
Who knows how hard you try,


While He is above the heavens,
Watching His beloved pass through her assigned test
With graceful strength and patience
At the end of the day
As long as the world keeps spinning
And night turns to day,
The sun may shine and storms may come and go
But as long as your heart is beating
Remember that He is the only constant.

Hold your own hand
Pat yourself on the back
Counsel the reflection in the mirror
Pick up whatever has fallen
And remember your journey.

Though you may not feel like a lion
Roaring in the face of your challenges,

You have made it this far Somehow
And you will certainly be able to make it some more.

The help of Allah is near.


Dedicated to The Digital Sisterhood.

image credit: vvsima




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