It means to walk the earth
Knowing you can neither bend the wind nor move mountains
It means lowering yourself,
The highest part of you
To the earth from which you came
And remembering
That you are going back

On your encounters with men
Neither silence them nor sneer
But accommodate ignorance graciously
With a beautiful grace

Though you should be powerful in your dealings with the other
Remember the Majesty that you do not hold
That you are a product of It
And sent here to fulfil a Purpose

At times it will be uncertain
Why and how you came to be
Be it the syllable that passed between the lips
Of your mother and father
Before you were a twinkle in his eye
Or that you
Heart, soul, body, mind, toes and teeth
Are here roaming and wandering
On the Lord’s green earth
Not really knowing why
They ever made you

But ultimately
For your head to not graze the bottom of the sky
You dance with the earthworms
In your displays of gratitude, struggle and humility
Back to the Lord from which you came.



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A young woman attempting to seek and express reflections of knowledge and truth, trying to find meaning in everything under the sun.