As The Stars Deny Their Shine.

2 min readMar 7, 2022


Beautiful women deny their beauty.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

she denies that the sky is blue —
she denies the warmth of her presence

she thinks that it might not be true that we will all die someday —
she thinks that it is a lie when you compliment her smile

she is surprised when you tell her she is beautiful —
she is surprised at every natural fact in life


‘you’re just saying that’
‘but I really did nothing’

but when I look at you, I praise your Creator in heaven.

don’t take it from me,
take it from God’s majesty.

it is true
the He has given you
the heart — that you have chosen to nurture and polish and fill with love
the brain — that you have chosen to sharpen and put to use
the body — that you have chosen to adorn with smiles and good actions

we will admit
the voice,
the eyes,
all other natural beauty
was none of your doing

so let us appreciate you as we appreciate the sun or the stars
as a Divine creation
and direct all praise to Him
especially seeing as you don’t want it.


she can throw a handful of leaves in argument:
that the beauty we see in others is a reflection of ourselves


but it will be thrown right back at her
as the leaves separate and fall as soon as they leave her hand

back and forth, back and forth
beautiful women fight frivolously

(part humble, part shame)


and of course,

Allah remains

above the heavens and the earth

as one part of a hundred
of mercy and goodness sees itself manifesting yet another day
in the admiration between hearts and eyes
on His full and beautiful earth.




Attempting to seek and express reflections of knowledge and truth, trying to find meaning in everything under the sun.